To Order Basement Studios Goodies:

It's pretty simple. First the pricing: $10.95 per single t-shirt, plus $1 postage and handling = 11.95
$10.50 each if ordering MORE than ONE t-shirt postage is FREE.
$100 per 10 t-shirts, postage FREE, and you receive a bonus freehand t-shirt!(see previous page, upper right hand corner).

Quantities between 2 and ten, if they are odd Make your check or money order payable (sorry, NO C.O.D.'s) to Basement Studios, Inc.

-----Print the section below here!-----

Dear Basement Studios, I would like to order the following:

_____I am only ordering 1 (one) T-shirt, ______ (Indicate t-shirt ID number here).

Enclosed is my check____ money order_____ for $11.95.

Or, to order more than one T-Shirt and get a better deal:

______Week One T-shirts(#WK1)
______Darkfell T-shirts(#GLAD1)

______ Total number of T shirts X $10.50 = ________(grand total for orders between 2 and 10 t-shirts)

If total number of T-shirts is 10 or more, multiply your Total _____ X $10 = ________ (grand total).

My check/money order for __________, which equals the grand total, is enclosed. I understand that the shirts will have a printed area much larger than the images on the website, and that Basement Studios will furnish backorder my request if supplies should run low. I understand that Basement Studios will notify me of such by phone, if I provide my phone number. I understand that my t-shirts will arrive in approximately 4-6 weeks, and I certify that I am at least 18 years old or have received permission to order merchandise from my parent or guardian. Here is my address information:

Signature____________________________________ date______

Signature of Parent if under 18______________________________ date________

name__________________________________________ Age if Under 18_______
street address________________________________ Phone number _______________
City______________________ State______________ zip code___________

Mail this form to:

Basement Studios
150 W. 6th Ave.
Roselle, NJ 07203

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