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Gladden Darkfell, Friendly Elf Extraordinaire

Well, I suppose I should include the title character. He's small, clever, and sick and tired of adventuring after losing his way on his latest adventure. Certain that it was Merrik who arranged for the ambush that sidetracked him, Gladden retires to a small farming community while he broods and plots his revenge. He does find ways to entertain himself, however, as you can see here. He's young, and only half-elven (his mother being half-human half dwarf), and his father being the ruling lord of a renegade clan of elves which had long since been exiled to the Western Fells. The former name of the clan, M'seda, is all but forgotten, and the clan has long since taken up the name of Darkfell. Gladden is terribly strong for an elf, and gifted with outstanding agility. His fighting skills are a mixture of the old elven arts of N'mera khal and the wrestling techniques of the trolls of the Fells.

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Gladden has taken skulls here.