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Darkfell: The Fetters of Wizardry

For the time being I've set up a little sketchbook snapshot until I can get some inked and finished images conjured up for the Darkfell preview. Basically Darkfell is the saga of half-brothers who set out on a quest to find the secret of the Stone Prophecy Dynasty and gain access to power and wealth untold. One brother, Gladden Darkfell, is lost along the way and decides to retire from adventuring altogether, settling in a small farming community. His brother Merrik, however, continues the journey alone, thinking Gladden to be dead or up to no good. Out to foil the other, each brother finds that his success or failure depends upon the other, and both brothers find that getting exactly what one wants doesn't always lead to happiness.

The Darkfell Directory

Peruse the Cast of Characters.
Sit back, grab a mug 'o java, and educate yourself with A Darkfell History Lesson.

These sections will be up and running by December I promise, including a map of the world of Darkfell, a primer on the customs and rituals of the Darkfell Warriors, and, of course, info on how to order Darkfell and Darkfell t-shirts!

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Merrik has annointed Darkfell Warriors